The "Grand Paris" project is gaining momentum


The setting up of the “Grand Paris” is accelerating, more and more projects are starting. The “Société du Grand Paris” plans to invest an amount of 3.5 billion euros in 2019, which represents an increase of approximately 40% compared to 2018. This rise should continue until 2020 (amount of investment forecasted at 4.5 billion euros: about +30%) and stabilize at this level afterwards.

At the heart of the "Grand Paris" lies an ambitious scheme to create a powerful and sustainable transport network: the “Grand Paris Express”. While there are currently only three tunnel boring machines (TBM) in operation (on the south track of line 15), a dozen should be in simultaneous application by the end of 2019[1] : This is four times higher than in 2018. About ten TBM should be added in 2020. Overall, 21 TBM are forecasted to be simultaneously working in 2020.

Currently representing 65 civil engineering projects, and 35 preparatory works on the entire network, the “Grand Paris” project is gradually reaching its cruising speed.


[1] This represents: +4 machines on the south track of line 15, +4 machines on line 16, +1 machine on the north track of line 15 and +1 or +2 machine(s) on the south track of line 14.

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