The French Road Roller Market


French Road equipment sales on growth path!

The sales level in 2018 in the road construction equipment industry have never been higher, close to pre-crisis figures. Furthermore, the whole road construction equipment and maintenance industry benefit from the good market orientation and investments from local authorities.

For example, fleet renewal of road milling machines remained at a high level in 2018. Likewise, sales of pavers surpassed 200 units last year. The French road roller market has increased for 3 years. The market was up 37% in 2018. The growth rate was also strong in 2016 with +31% and +22% in 2017. The market has exceeded 2000 units. Sales were supported by distribution networks. But the road roller market is also a rental market. The renters were very active in 2018.

The market should remain dynamic. Civil engineering activity would increase again by +3% in 2019 thanks to the dynamism of investments by local authorities and major operators.

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