French crawler excavator sales rise


Sales of crawler excavator in France remained broadly stable.

The French earthmoving equipment market increased by more than 3% last year. 2018 is the best year since the market crash of 2008. Heavy earthmoving equipment is up 8.6% to 5,100 machines. On the other hand, the increase is much lower with regard to compact equipment: + 2% over the year 2018, ie 17,250 machines. France is the third largest market in Europe.

With regard to crawler excavators, the market remained stable in 2018 compared to 2017. Mini excavators, which account for 73% of the total crawler excavator market, posted a slight decline of 2%. The decrease is explained by a 15% decline in sales to renters. The mini excavator market is close to historical record levels.

The excavator over 6 tons operating weight market continued to improve, with a rise of 4%. While excavators between 6 to 12 tons increased by 1%, sales of crawler excavators over 12 tons increased by + 7% with 2,377 units.

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