The healthy French Mini Crawler Excavator Market


The French mini crawler excavator market is doing well. The highest level reached in 2008 has been hit again last year.

Mini crawler excavators continue to gain popularity owing to their features such as lifting capacity, flexibility and mechanical power. This market expanded significantly from 2015 to 2017 due to the increase in construction investments. Building in 2016 first, and then, second half of 2017, in civil engineering. Furthermore, rental companies purchases contributed to the growth of the market too.

This market grew indeed by +23,7% in 2017. All the market segments contributed to this rise. For instance, the segment between 1 to 3 tons, which represents 57% of the total, rose by 22%. As a reminder, France is ranked first place in Europe regarding the 2-3 tons segment. But last year, the most dynamic segments were 0-1 ton (+48%) and 5-6 tons (+30%). Those two segments represent 18% of the market. Over the last three years (2015 to 2017), the average annual rate of growth reached +29,4%.

While mini excavator machines represented 55% of the total earthmoving equipment in 2015 in France, its market share rose to 58% in 2017. Those machines are now the largest segment of the construction equipment industry.

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