The two French minicrawler excavator market trends


The French minicrawler excavator market decreased by 2% over the nine first months of this year. However, all market segments didn’t follow the same trend. The one to three tons segment, which represents 60% of the total minicrawler excavator market, declined sharply by 6% while the three to eight tons segment was up 5%.

The drop in the 0-3 tons segment is mainly due to a lower level of sales to renters. Sales to rental companies fell by 24% over the period while sales to other customers increased by 2%.

Regarding the 3-8 tons segment, sales to renters are stable compared to the same period last year. Sales to other customers are up 6%.

However, minicrawler excavators remain the largest segment of France’s construction equipment industry. Manufacturers forecast a strong fourth quarter. Then, in 2018, the French minicrawler excavator market should increase by 2% compared to 2017. Last year, for the first time since the financial crisis a decade ago, the French market for minicrawler excavators reached the high levels seen back in 2008. This year, the market will be even higher.

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