Selected features about the French Excavator Market


With 17,400 units sold last year (both wheel and crawler excavators), France appears as the third biggest market in Europe with 18% of market share. It is the seventh largest market in the world. Specifically, about wheel excavators (1,740 units sold last year), France is ranked third in the world behind South Korea (4,300 units) and Germany (2,800 units).

The French Excavator market rose by 23% in 2017, one of the highest rates of growth in Western Europe. In details, wheel excavators increased by 31%. Mini excavators rose by 24%. Lastly, sales of crawler excavators were up 16%.

The region of Rhône-Alpes represents 10% of the total market. It is the biggest region in terms of units sold (1740 units) immediately followed by the region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (8.1% of the total market). The region Ile-de-France (Paris and its suburbs) is ranked third: 1,370 excavators have been sold last year. It represents 7.8% of the market.

With regard to sales of crawler excavators, the segment between 2 to 3 tons was the most important last year (31% of the total French market). Furthermore, France hold the first position in Europe for this segment.

The same comment can be made regarding the French wheel excavator market between 8 to 13 tons which represented 38% of the total market.

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